• Center Pivots

    • Highly experienced center pivot engineers whose mission is to provide simplicity, efficiency, exceptional performance and longevity design T-L’s center pivot irrigation systems. The hydrostatic center pivot drives use the same hydraulic components growers are familiar with in other farming equipment, thus not requiring specialists to maintain. In over 55 years of experience we have accumulated thousands of hours of pivot irrigation product research and development, resulting in center pivot systems one can rely on to contribute to farming and irrigating success. Our center pivot’s unique alignment control valve will stop the system if the system gets stuck or seriously misaligned. A sensor will shut off the water at the same time. Structural and crop damage are avoided. T-L drive units, unmatched in strength and traction, receive continuous power to each wheel from hydraulic motors that are directly coupled to the final drive gear assembly. Our center pivots are specifically designed for low-speed, high torques applications, they operate equally well in either direction. Our planetary gear drive operates at nearly 90% efficiency. They get the power to the ground with a minimum of wasted energy.Three gears, instead of one, extend gear life and absorb stress. The reserve torque designed in protects against gearbox failure and ensures smooth operation of the center pivot at any speed.
  • Quick Tow Irrigation Systems

    • Towable center pivot or linear move irrigation systems must be able to move quickly and easily from location to location when irrigation timing is critical. Rotating the wheels for towing can be a difficult task in a muddy field on a hot day. T-L’s exclusive scissor jack design utilizes the availability of hydraulics to lift the towers enabling tire rotation in minutes. While others are struggling, you will be on your way to the new location irrigating more acres more efficiently.

      T-L 2 Wheel Quick Tow Center Pivot Point

      T-L’s Towable Pivot Irrigation System’s mobile design mounts the power source, hydraulic pump, and fuel tank on the pivot point enabling towing preparation to maximum efficiency. T-L Towable Pivot Irrigation Systems enjoy the same features as our conventional, hydro statically driven center pivot irrigation systems; continuous movement, reliability, low maintenance, simplicity, and safety. All things considered, the choice is simple, T-L.

      T-L 4 Wheel Quick Tow Center Pivot Point

      For longer towable center pivot designs the T-L 4 wheel quick tow option offers unmatched stability, with the fastest towing and the least amount of labor in the industry.

  • GPS Navigation Corner Systems

    • Featuring Real Time Kinematic (RTK) accuracy and Wheel Angle Sensor (WAS) for true tracking, the package includes the base station, eliminating the need for a subscription. The system tracks multiple constellations reducing the signal loss caused by tree lines and other obstacles and there is no electronic interference from power lines. Operators can easily change the path of the system through a simple “teach” function. Users get “track on track” accuracy pass after pass fast start up time, and real-time diagnostics so they can watch it work. Safety is assured through low voltage, DC(24VDC), and there is no buried wire. Combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design, low maintenance, reliability and unmatchd continuous movement, T-L’S GPS NAVIGATION CORNER SYSTEM represents the optimum in pivot Corner System management.
  • Corner Pivot Irrigation Systems

    • Over 30 years of corner system irrigation experience has resulted in consistently improved levels of performance and reliability. T-L corner arms maintain continuous movement utilizing T-L’s patented hydraulic alignment controls. Corner span drives are hydraulic planetary design that are direct coupled to the hydraulic motors resulting in a narrow corner span profile reducing crop loss. Smooth, accurate steering is achieved using a powerful hydraulic cylinder. Comparing T-L’s corner system to electric: T-L’s corner irrigation system guidance is achieved through simple, safe, low voltage controls operating strong and dependable hydraulic power. This eliminates high voltage power, electric motors, contactors, switches, relays, transformers, center drive gear reducers, shafts and bearings needed by electric systems. T-L’s continuous movement reduces wear on the corner connection since the arm does not stop and go every minute of operation. The T-L corner adjusts to the constant speed of the center pivot end tower and maintains a uniform speed and connection position.

  • Pivot Management Options

    • VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation)

      Agronomic solutions and advanced irrigation management from T-L Irrigation and CropMetrics. T-L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, announces VRI application, the latest advancement in web-based irrigation management and services combined with T-L’s family of pivot management control systems. Developed by CropMetrics, the Precision Irrigation Management services provided, when coupled with the Precision Link and the Precision Point III (PPC III) Control Panel from T-L, allows irrigation management with data- driven VRI prescription.

      • Agronomic VRI control is facilitated with CropMetrics Precision Irrigation Management Services.
      • New One-Time CropMetrics VRI Rx App Lifetime License
      • Improves Energy and Water Use Efficiency
      • Increases Yield

      Data-driven VRI prescriptions with Cropmetrics, Precision Link, and PPC III, combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous system movement help improve crop production, and provide highly effective application solutions with precision agronomic irrigation management.

      Precision Link

      New from T-L Irrigation Co. and Agsense, llc, the Precision link enables web-based pivot control for T-L pivot systems. The Precision Link works in combination with T-L’s Precision Point Control lll (PPClll) to let you manage your pivot with your computer or mobile device and a simple internet connection. Pivot start/stop, direction, application rate and speed, and water pump control are but a few of the features available. VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) can also be programmed through the website. Precision Link and the PPCIll, combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous movement, give you even water distribution, improved crop production, and efficient system management.

      T-L Precision Point Control III

      The new PPCIII version provides the operator with enhanced real-time operational control and information.

      • PPCIII allows up to 5 variable application areas within the pivots circle in both forward and reverse operation.
      • An end gun’s operation and the Auto Reverse/Auto Stop positions can be designated.
      • Either GPS or Encoder position sensors can be utilized, allowing adjustment by degree within the circle.
      • The pivot’s speed can be determined by entering the operator’s desired water application rate.

      PPCIII’s user friendly control panel shows; set speed versus actual speed, speed sensor operation, the system’s current run time, and relevant GPS data such as latitude and longitude and WAAS fix. When combined with PPCIII, T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous system movement gives users the assurance of uniform water application , improved crop production, and effective system management.

      TLC Pivot Manager II

      The next generation of computerized center pivot management from T-L. Reports operational performance, controls multiple system outputs, provides readings for water and hydraulic pressures, monitors speed, sets a watering schedule and more.

      T-L Point Control

      You can control center pivot speed and direction from the pivot point or remote locations other than the end tower with the T-L point control option.

    • Manual Speed and Direction Control


      You can control center pivot rotational speed and direction with two simple hydraulic valves. With years of field-proven operation, the Manual Speed and Direction Control option is the industry’s simplest, most reliable management tool.

      AgSense Remote Pivot Management

      The AgSense remote management unit mounts on the pivot end tower where a GPS receiver reports
      the system’s position, speed, and direction of travel. The AgSense uses digital cell phone technology to communicate through the Internet and can be configured to send alerts to a cell phone or e-mail address.